Understand the search engine is the key principle of grasping Shanghai Longfeng optimization

through more than 1 years of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, my understanding of the definition of the search engine also has its own unique understanding: the search engine is just like we usually get information on the Internet window, according to some keywords we give or a small amount of information retrieval, give us more I want or is the search for relevant information with our tools, we usually use is the most noble love Shanghai, baby, YAHOO and other search engines, as well as 360 recently launched a new search. As the Shanghai dragon Er all of my jobs are also around the search engine in, my job is to make the search engine more included my site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng information, so as to be more users to search, meet the user’s search needs. Speaking of that, I think we are not working as to provide information for the search work, actually I am a Shanghai dragon editor, my daily work is to give me the Shanghai dragon optimization website updated with the latest information, every day I will operate some of the chain, guide the search engine to search my site thus, the search engine optimization site information in Shanghai Longfeng mine, dealing in my usual work every day with the search engine, regardless of the editor or the operation of the chain will use search engine, one is using search engine.


, what is the search engine


when I just contact Shanghai dragon in this industry, often because not familiar with the principle of grasping the major search engines and do a lot of is futile, to optimize website of Shanghai Longfeng mine, updated a lot of content (make my website more rich), according to the chain operation of the site the repeated adjustment, it all seemed to be of no use. The search engine is not love my website, so whether it is love or Shanghai search engine Google search engine, I think whether it is Shanghai or Shanghai dragon dragon webmaster novice, do Shanghai dragon Er grab principle we should do on the search engine to understand, even going to combine the search engine algorithm constantly adjust Shanghai dragon website optimization of operation mode, here I will combine some experience in their work, and to share my understanding of search engines crawl principle, hope to help Shanghai dragon Er can

when I participated in the work of the beginning, I even do not know what is the search engine, then after the master and the guidance of my colleagues, I have a certain understanding of the search engine, then oneself again to love Shanghai to know definition of search engine: search engine means in accordance with the use of certain strategies specific computer programs from the Internet to collect information, organization and processing in the searched information, provides the retrieval service for the user, the user information is displayed to the user in the search system related. I love Shanghai for the definition of search engine I wish Shanghai dragon ER may still yunliwuli, is not very clear, a tool in popular terms is our daily access to information. Like Shanghai and Google is the representative of search engine.

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