Talk about what you don’t know the optimal link strategy

website of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than around two points: (1) the station optimization; (2) link building.

content is the most painful thing, the so-called content is king, even if written is not king, also very tired. The main push for some content, is the index of high word, try to achieve the difference. Why not say the original!? in some industries, the original is not realistic, the original can not get good rankings. What is the difference here!? by the way to search the web pages for the principle of engine, search engine index in a web crawling process, in addition to noise of some unnecessary content, such as navigation, footer, noise removal, judgment part of the keyword density by a judge, some of the keyword density good words are removed, keyword density is low, search keyword hits, stored in a database table, this table will be hung in the keyword classification hit under the different users in the search, enter >

how to sort out the logic in order to achieve the best results!? will not cause too much work load or constantly anxiety in the subsequent construction? The whole process from the station optimization to link strategy analysis.

we want to fine classification of industry keyword research, there are a lot of research tools, love stand, Chinaz can, but for more data mining, can use the love Shanghai promotion assistant statistical data keywords.


tool to find a data mining industry, the daily search volume (flow) sorted, combed, classifies all kinds of keywords, such as dry cleaning industry keywords, can be classified into: all data to join the project, dry cleaning equipment, dry cleaning, dry cleaning, dry cleaning brand knowledge stores and so on. According to the keyword classification, classification of website structure has basically been clear.

The content production station

2, website URL rules


1, keyword analysis

a webmaster group basically does not consider the first not to go into URL for search engine grab what some help, but at least for users, even the same rules clear URL and breadcrumb navigation key. How to develop the URL rules, similarly, in the dry cleaning industry as the standard, the classification of page page-{id}.html, page article-{id}.html, page topic-{id}.hmtl. This is one example. Organized to develop a website URL rules, there is some help for their logical ability.

Through the set

webmaster in search engine optimization process, the biggest drawback is to enter the mechanical process consistent, no plan, no logic, plainly, is that there is no causal thinking before and after. Although some webmaster can still have a seemingly good plan in the production site, but in the process of practice, still into the dead ring.

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