The 14 reason is the content of Shanghai dragon the Chain update

1) Shanghai dragon entry is conditional, you are not qualified to stay in Shanghai next to love, from the beginning of 0 grassroots Shanghai dragon can’t count on. Power wins is an obvious sign of ranking, do short tailed words of those who can stand strong, you admit? If the main site without their own social background or website did not accumulate enough play Shanghai dragon threshold. You will soon find themselves in the same place.

3) to fight outside the chain is a keyboard player chain is simply not a technical ability, not to mention the software group, punishment is inevitable, but can not be called a Shanghai dragon er. The chain was more by people (relationships) instead of toil, if you want to get a good link recommendation, as with each other more effective (gifts). The chain should be flexible acquisition, rather than rigid construction.

I know everyone will agree Shanghai dragon is nothing more than reflect the website competitiveness based on content providers, so there is one ranking. Anyway, you, me, he is not looking for a template set, get some title, send the chain, update the content hold? So most people feel that Shanghai Longfeng nothing mysterious, like the W journal written on the implementation to be ruthless (large part people don’t remember). If I say you underestimate Shanghai Longfeng will you hit me? If I define the current situation of Shanghai dragon, I would like to describe:

2) Shanghai dragon just is not the solution strategy by Shanghai dragon back? By Shanghai dragon Wangzhuan million? These damn soft Wen has cheated you for years, wake up. Did the project must know, Shanghai dragon only throughout the whole network marketing in one piece, an attack strategy, rather than have a super ability of captain america. A fatal, fooled you.

5) Shanghai dragon victory when customers ask how many times were flushed through the basic things, do you have? My colleagues have had this experience, and are very basic things, don’t take that simple. I once asked, L’OREAL customer issues related to optimization scheme of the CDN, remember he asked how CDN is optimized for speed, have a negative impact on our website? Seems not ready or colleagues don’t understand that CDN is to let the server speed, let the spider instantly access faster! Everybody at a loss about what to do. Why? "

4) Shanghai Longfeng analyst does not work is bound to my own business is a visual designer, with page optimization of our group Shanghai dragon project. My salary is higher than a 3 years of Shanghai dragon er. Why? Because there is only the Shanghai dragon Er proficiency in a particular line, neither CSS nor programming, or that, only by the homogenization scheme is not enough, coupled with the industry of Shanghai Longfeng consultant training what have been stinking. So many people in and out of Shanghai dragon Er, the execution is not enough. On the other hand, there are more reliable proficiency in a particular line.

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