Reflection on the brand Links station to us how

I want to say that in fact, this is my opinion, Links ranked in the website keywords indeed plays an important role, but each site in different stages have different mission. When the page of our website keywords ranking up, when we spent the time period of the new station site, link the role has been reduced. You go to the website keywords as anchor text to further enhance or to stable ranking is because the search engine It doesn’t help the situation., also came to the second stage, the user data to determine the extent of your site, and is no longer a link, then you think when the friendship link is no longer in order to improve the keywords for the purpose of the time, you Links should do? The answer is apparent, that is the brand word.

to write Links article too much, today we gave a talk about the details of the place. It is a big website or brand site is how to do Links, from which we can learn what. In fact, if we look at a little big website to see it links the site or link to its site can be seen, they do Links all brand word, instead of keywords. Like our small and medium enterprises general station is how to do the Links? I like to optimize which keywords will take which keywords as anchor text links to our site, in fact, this is contrary to the original intention of Links, why?

is the famous brand website even words is the first? Links need to use this weapon to improve, people just to make Links return to the original value. One more point, if you see your Links this section all keywords for the anchor text link is clicked? You do website of dozens of Links, can really bring the flow again a few? Believe those websites this brand word expanded to another site, believe should be able to bring a lot of traffic. Maybe you will ask others to write here, well-known large sites, we are small grassroots website, name of the site in addition to their little known outside, basically is not what people know, even if the brand word for the anchor text and no one click.

originally Links is your site can not meet the needs of users, an extension of, such as I am a construction site of the website, and I link to a Shanghai dragon website, the user needs to do website after website construction, certainly needs to be done to promote. It is possible to think of Shanghai Longfeng this important promotion methods, maybe people will click on the link, but also can find what they need. Expand their website content for users is a valuable link, but since the Shanghai dragon Links concept was born, the taste is completely changed, became a tool to enhance the web site keywords ranking, and those big website is also let Links return to the original intention, in their own the brand name of the anchor text to your site, once again become the development of a website.

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