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about the latest 3SB war, I think you are not familiar with, whether it is considered from the user, or from the search industry development, the competition that is more popular. Because of as a grassroots webmaster, deeply love Shanghai violent injury, can be said to be the love of Shanghai every update made me frightened, not because of the existence of irregularities on the site, but now the love of Shanghai is not because you are a regular warfare do not get you, not because you are garbage site you must get together, let me very tangled, very depressed. So the battle of the search, I would like to sincerely hope to have as 360 and Sogou, but the love of Shanghai is the industry leader, this position has been done for 5 years, and careful webmaster all know love Shanghai from the beginning of this year moves frequently, began to seek new development, and these actions and how many of us Shanghai dragon has certain enlightenment.

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May 16, 2012, "added to the Shanghai love home" quietly on the line, through the button, the webmaster or the user can access the unified sites themselves often placed in the home, to your visit again. Some owners may feel that the implementation of this function is purely for the user experience, in fact, seems not so in the discussion, because we all know that in the browser market, 360 absolute advantage, can say that a considerable part of the Shanghai traffic is introduced from 360, but for the love like the Shanghai giants, will be their fate in the hands of others than their own style, so the use of such a method of love in Shanghai, not only can do the user experience, but also the opportunity to search for some popular sites, to their browser or is to lay the foundation of related industries, because we all know when.

function of the Shanghai home of love Add

February 15, 2012, when you search and website optimization Shanghai dragon related keywords, find love Shanghai suggested that we should correctly treat the Shanghai dragon market, can not easily believe that optimization of the company on the market. By March 8th, Shanghai dragon search and Related words, the text has changed a tune from the serious tone before a certain Shanghai dragon, and recommend the correct choice of optimization. This one after the tone changes, the feeling reflects the love for Shanghai Shanghai dragon began seriously, and will take some measures on some optimization over the site. But after the 3.31 day update just understand this point. As practitioners, we should timely retreat, the marketing way diversification, avoid because of love of Shanghai K station and the loss of all resources for development, because only thousands of boat will ensure the stable development of our chain website, so that the teacher would like Lu Songsong, is love sea K station, can also rely on their own brand vertical flow. However, from the release of this guide, in the love of Shanghai appears as long as the correct optimization method, or compare with the love of Shanghai.

love Shanghai optimization guide 1 release

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