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many people collect Achievement Medal

careful users found, now love Shanghai account after landing, the upper right corner of more than one of my "achievements" entrance. When we search for specific keywords by Shanghai for the first time when love will light up the relevant search achievement medal. Such as through the love of Shanghai search taobao贵族宝贝 will light "earn spend" medal, the search can be lit spareribs with brown sauce "I am chowhound proud of my Achievement Medal. According to the statistics of users love Shanghai achievements, has launched the ordinary achievement has 51 tasks, the task has been to find out the hidden achievement 5. The author of this love Shanghai new line of a careful analysis of the system, hoping to learn more skills, methods to enhance the user experience.


from this design can be seen in the online operation mode of the shadow, to enhance the level to enhance combat capability is a common means to retain the online game player, once the goal is even virtual will be tireless impact. The unlock mode >

lists all common tasks in Personal Achievement Medal page, each level can be obtained to unlock new order. After the level reaches of automatic unlocking, the medal was lit, but you also don’t really get it. You need to light the Achievement Medal right through love Shanghai web search specific word flag icon, a flag icon is lit only get this achievement. Each get a achievement can be 5~90 different points, by accumulating points to upgrade. Most achievements only in the first to obtain reward points, parts can be obtained once a day, such as level 1 "my personal cinema" and "no rain" achievements can be obtained once a day.

absorption and QQ data collection card of light icon play, allowing users to use love Shanghai search is more like a treasure hunt, set in treasure, maybe you inadvertently search can help you get a hidden Achievement Medal is very rare! Although medal collection is not a new, but the number of Internet users has many keen on. Not long after the achievements of the Shanghai love to create it, has been everywhere is show medal, experience value post.


currently only Achievement Medal in Shanghai love personal home page display, but I expect the medal will be moved to Shanghai on the name card of love. When we visit the Post Bar show name card to see who I believe will become more medals, dynamic


in Shanghai love web search first enter a specific word, there will be XX success tips, which means you have to get this achievement. Each get a corresponding Achievement Medal will be lit, can love Shanghai search the upper right corner, next to the personal account of my achievements into love Shanghai personal home page, which lists all the common tasks and obtain achievements.

upgrade mode + unlock mode

micro-blog collection medal + Tencent QQ light icon

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