The love of Shanghai K station so hard how to get rid of this man


I think so, now do network marketing need to seize the network context, China Internet has four context, first, the search engine also is we the webmaster know best, concentrate on the most place. Second, IM, instant messaging, represented by Tencent QQ. Third, Ali, to the electronic commerce led by Taobao, Tmall, a scouring. Fourth, social trends in social media, in fact, the most representative is micro-blog. If we have the ability to put the four flow into our series of website promotion on our website like, forming a flow structure that, for example, from Ali to 25% of the traffic, from the Tencent to 25% of the traffic, from social media to 25% of the traffic from the search engine to 25% traffic. The flow structure is undoubtedly the most safe, the risk coefficient is the lowest. Often see some companies rely on search engines to eat, even heard of a company since the site was K, employees have nothing to do in the company to fight landlord, we do not think that sleep is not secure

do we as a webmaster, a web site traffic if the 90% comes from love Shanghai, always a site in front of you uncle lee. If you can draw 50% per cent in the platform for the promotion of other traffic, dare not say that you are in love with the sea uncle, at least not your uncle love Shanghai. There won’t be a night worried about their site is K things, but does not appear behind the organization owners against love Shanghai to click on auction. Are these not worthy of reflection? Comrades webmaster ah egg must not be put in a basket, then we should be how to share the risk of

method on the Internet traffic from the thousands on thousands of, at least you should master that two or three sets of promotion methods, such as sex in Shanghai know, Search ask drainage you can ah, give you a case, I have a friend to do the female website, he one day from Soso Ask at least fifty thousand flow up (of course, they are non combat team, individual stationmaster than) such a proportion, accounting for the entire site 20-30%. And he told me that he will continue cultivating the flow. And like the Search ask such promotion can be cumulative, in fact, he is also a Shanghai dragon.


from June 22 to June 28 to black Friday, love has been in Shanghai for three K station, the webmaster K is worried about their day and night with Starving people fill the land., sites are not love Shanghai caught the magic. Those who love Shanghai alone enough to see how dangerous the survival of the webmaster, just yesterday to see the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong published an article on micro-blog, micro-blog is the content of this "2012 behalf of the school year will share views: don’t put the egg in one basket, if a seller is 90% of sales are from Taobao in front of you, always stood a horse uncle; if in the Jingdong, Taobao each half, you are in front of Uncle Ma and Liu Qiangdong forever! (it is rough, ha ha)". See the micro-blog Liu Qiangdong let me a lot of reflection.

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