How to use the third party platform post bring high conversion rate of flow

first I want to tell the story about the third party platform, post is the main purpose is the high weight to borrow these third party platform, so as to get the love of Shanghai quality rankings, the keywords are mainly do long term products, and then through the user to search the long tail word, find your posts, find your site. Or have your reservation or buy information products. The main platform for high weight Forum: such as Tianya forum, broadband mountain communities, building 19 forum, classified information website weight: 58 city net, net list, Jinti, ganji贵族宝贝 etc.. Of course, the platform has a certain flow, but mainly through the search engine.

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before I wrote an article about how the local specialty of website marketing "under the new environment, simply introduced under a good website marketing in several ways, I mentioned the third party platform to bring effective flow in the post, but also changed the way, in order not to touch some laws of love in Shanghai new. But for some relatively strong seasonal products, sometimes get a website, even if not do rankings, by post also can bring you a certain rate of return here to tell how the new Shanghai dragon in the third party platform post.

if you post, make a list of your products for some users accustomed to the title of the long tail word, from short to long, simulated user thinking of making the long tail word title, taking Xishan Mining loquat as an example, the long tail word: Suzhou Xishan Xishan Mining Mining loquat, loquat price, Suzhou West Mountain Mining loquat price in Suzhou in 2013 Xishan Mining loquat and so on, can even do what when the 2013 Suzhou Xishan Mining loquat began even longer term ah! The longer term competitiveness is smaller, because this involves love Shanghai algorithm of word segmentation, search engine matching, accuracy.

in the third party post, it is difficult to find, high weight forum regional, or national forum, and the classification of information website, and then to post your product release overwhelming >

know how to set the long tail word title, the next step is to write the article, then write to the new content, it is best to write the original, because the original words continued in the ranking of a long time, if you write the original article, there may be a few years search engine ranking. Of course, if it is not so much that is suitable to make the original, pseudo original, information on the network integration, as appropriate under the revised title and content words and corresponding content, can the new search engine is a new, new, extraordinary and special love. How to write the original article, the following sections will give you this note! The key contents of things can not forget, is generally in the end left in general their products website or contact phone, if not to leave it to the last time I said that a conversion mode, is to do a the brand through brand word, word for search engines to find you.

probably know the principle and dissemination of information, the next step is to tell you how to post and

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