The two level domain name website have to say something

1, two primary domain name and associated with very large


this is often seen, many people feel that the weight of the two level domain name will inherit the primary domain, so the primary domain weight high after that quickly resolve a two level domain name, want to take a shortcut, the result of being snubbed. Also said in front of the two level domain do website is a separate station, will not get what domain from there, to do a good job in this station, also need a step by step to do. Some people may ask, why love some of Shanghai’s two level domain name, such as: library, know, Wikipedia and other how the weights are so high? This is the love of Shanghai step by step to optimize the accumulation of out, and not the original resolution out is this result, and you only see the good, the other two love domain name of the sea, have you seen

?The weight of ?

in the process of website optimization in two directories and two domain names are often used. In the main domain name, build two directories, and the main theme, content rich websites, can directly improve the keywords ranking, promote the primary domain weight. The same keywords, if the competitor is the inside pages, and you are the contents page, then in your website weight under the same conditions of your catalog page than others in dominant. Keywords optimization difficulty is relatively high, can build multi-layer, and the two level directory is a principle, is a class to promote the level, improve the overall weight of the site. The two level domain can also help domain rankings, but not like the two directory as a direct help, a lot of people think I built two level domain name can promote domain ranking, this is a misunderstanding, but there are still many misunderstandings about such things, take a look at some sites of two domain names have to say the.

2, two level domain name will distract the domain name weight

on the two level two name will distract the weight and loss of weight that wood Shanghai Longfeng think it is nonsense, the weight of how you build a distributed? Two level domain name, a part of the primary domain weight loss will be? Not to say this thing is not the official weight, a comprehensive score of Shanghai love to website with the development of domain name value does not decrease, if so, it is not the website directory, the inside pages will hurt the domain


3, two level domain name will inherit the primary domain

many people think that the two level domain is very large and the primary domain association, is actually not much correlation, according to the love of Shanghai said, the two level domain has its own domain name has its own station, is a completely independent site, have their own separate content, separate evaluation. But to say that no one point correlation may also be too absolute, why a lot of people will find the station two domain website weight high? Why love Shanghai will hit the two level domain name for sale or directory cheating station? Of course a lot, but it is undeniable that there is some correlation, but in my opinion. This association is very small.

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