Two immature views on Electronic Commerce

first, before the understanding of electronic commerce, now understand the business began to do e-commerce

this is a change in the way, as well as a change of thought. The emergence of e-commerce in just a few years time. It can be said that there is almost no overall optimization, there is no detailed user experience, there is no overall operation of the site. Taobao, as a powerful e-commerce platform in the early business, the most simple is the direct use of card machine to take some pictures inside the store, many cases are not directly upload pictures of PS after treatment. By the end of the year, especially in recent years, more traditional companies began online sales. Also involved in the field of e-commerce. Here is a large part of the whole product process grasp people understand, on the one hand know selling products, features, highlights, which place emphasis to attract people, what can be used as a secondary form, is very familiar with the product. On the other hand, familiar and effective operations for business activities is to make it a tiger with wings added. In the logistics links, but also a good grasp. Often there will be such a situation, a sales season (such as national day) in a group of people who are also out of a group of people. On the third put on the platform, the speed of processing the delivery, there is no way out of a single, a direct impact on the store in the platform score, and when the situation is serious. Was directly closed shop, come to naught. The entire process of suppliers, distributors and end customers must not be blocked when conducting online sales. To be able to grow. When all the competitors have done almost the basis of things. Some techniques are almost the same, who can handle the process more appropriate, who can lead some. For example, for customer service, you must first of their products in detail, some characteristic parameters, some performance must be convincing. At least to the customer are persuasive for customer issues must be from a stream. On the other hand, the electronic commerce department must know how to check the goods, to ensure the quality of the goods, in the long-term procurement know how to negotiate with suppliers to reduce costs or improve the efficiency of logistics. Some of the more important issues for customers to be effective, at the lowest cost to solve the problem.

two, e-commerce, as a distribution channel exists.

some of the bosses, perhaps not very understand the network, do not know some of the doorways and techniques of online sales, but they know the distribution channels, as well as, know what terminal customer needs. This may be said to be a grasp of the whole, in the final analysis, online sales are only to broaden some sales channels. When the e-commerce as a sales channel to do, perhaps from the bottom of my heart, it will be relatively easy to do. From the channel, simple involving suppliers, distributors and customers (consumers), website as a platform to provide the product price, product attributes, product information, and some promotional activities and consumers to establish contact, when consumers of the information obtained satisfactory (i.e. convince myself), online payment of the purchase.

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