Beauty said cosmetic diary will not become a small Taobao

2013 may be the most painful year of the domestic shopping guide website. This year, the Alibaba has been in a variety of ways for a "parasitic" in Taobao, Tmall entrepreneurs, beauty is the first. But from another perspective, it will also be beautiful to set up more than 4 years since the historic year, this year, said the beautiful determined on their own "knife": cut the guide link, to build its own payment system, face a new business platform.

has a similar fate and beauty as well as and pocket shopping, the leader of the three shopping guide industry began to make only superficial changes will be like sellers, The wind puffs the clouds away. to win the new platform of their own, to start a "dig Taobao foundation" business. Insiders commented that Alibaba exhausted means, eventually forced out three small Taobao".

but beauty is not willing to accept the "little Taobao" this statement. In their minds, what kind of beauty will become a


will not be a small Taobao

there are a lot of people misunderstand that beauty is a small Taobao, it is only a broad structure of the cognitive. Yes, beautiful and like Taobao, sellers can shop, but we have too many differences." The outside face of new face perception of beauty, beauty of the bear said senior vice president to billion state power network so stressed.

founder Xu Yirong is beautiful "category killer" on their own position, in his plan, beautiful said to seize the right fashion this sub categories do the trading platform, and even the future will do its own brand.


detailed description of the operation logic of beauty, a key step is different from Taobao products. "A businessman on the Taobao has 300 SKU, said that the screen can only be beautiful to say that only 20 SKU is a fashion attribute, I am sorry, I do not want the remaining 280. We don’t want the basic money, let alone the stock."

In addition to

products, beauty on the seller’s choice also has its own principles. "If you’re a shelf display Taobao big seller, it’s worthless to us. Some sellers may say we are Taobao a class first, or the top three, but useless, we do not welcome this pure sellers seller." The bear said.

enough fashion, fast supply chain, with the electricity supplier operating experience, it is beautiful to say the three criteria for the screening of the seller, is mainly considered store ranking factors, "ranking by sales, this is our biggest difference with Taobao." The bear said.

in the above three criteria, the last one requires less hard, this is mainly on account of not "electric shock" line of fashion buyers shop. "As long as you have the first two elements, this kind of fashion buyers shop can be directly across the Taobao beauty shop, there can be no electricity supplier operating experience, we will teach them to do business."

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