Business treasure shuangshier sellers Carnival countdown

November 17, 2015, the electricity supplier treasure 12 sellers Carnival countdown and there are still 1 days. When multiple platforms will participate in the cooperation, imparting experience, training, free – free system, open pit in the audit Easy Access, but also sent out 100 thousand of the value of the service of the store software, printer, iPhone6s and so on. Enough for us to cheer the seller!

with double eleven gorgeous and handsome ended, when we are still shocked by the number 912, twelve has been quietly approaching. To double 12, for many shops, will be 2015 of the last big promotion, the result will determine how sellers this year’s harvest, how much is left in the warehouse inventory, store operations how to plan next year. Admit it or not, twelve will be the final blow, all the shops businessmen how to attack


by the electricity supplier of treasure together a number of platforms, launched the "seller Carnival", which contains twelve pit, promote the search rules of cheats, the whole network of smart shops and many other channels of tools for the seller "summary of double eleven, large welfare activities for twelve. The event will cover 2 million of the seller, will bring a huge upgrade for the seller from the "double eleven" clearance "to play twelve two directions.

are you still waiting for me? Are you still hesitating? I’m sorry, pit is not waiting, welfare, etc.. Let’s go crazy rushed to register, twelve.


time: November 18, 2015

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