Why do you follow the pace of electricity

how to throw off the arm to stride out electric pace, this problem may have to ask Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, the Internet gangster brother; or, to ask mogujie.com to create June, created Yang Bo bean, create Wang Mei Group; or the creation of unfamiliar street Tang Yan, aunt you create the firewood. Of course, the "Godfather" Ma as the representative of the practical action to prove that the wind hides all achieved, Baidu "was banned in the video: Ma Ma" video leakage of foreigners, and without a sigh: the original did not expel the pace of business is so one thing.

electric products always Jiangshan generation of talented people, the ratio is not only which excavator technology and strong. The top east of the blog of the Chinese people will definitely not go to mogujie.com; chat with QQ must be more than 90 after 90; the number of people using WeChat’s growth rate will certainly be faster than micro-blog. Is not the product of the tall still, fine, more is the emergence of each type of Internet, electricity supplier products, will always bring a big wave of iron struck, will also take another big wave of people leave.

like Facebook had only harvard college students, no one will believe that so far 1 billion people worldwide are in use, this is the electricity supplier to bring surprise and surprise, always by surprise. All the electricity supplier practitioners are convinced that everything is possible (a rather ad).

with Alibaba 2014 double sales of eleven, more and more people want to be able to share in the electricity supplier on the platform of a cup of soup. No one will stop you from becoming like old as an ideal entrepreneur, no one will stop you become like NIKo 90. Like a friend named whywh2003 said, "the age of the Internet is all doing, you must reap what you have sown, everyone will have a wait for you until the results, whether good or bad, can’t hate anyone!"

Internet era to bring the biggest change is to change. Communication, making friends, shopping, speech, entrepreneurship, interest, patterns, technology, all because of the Internet era and change. No matter how smart and intelligent mobile phone, no matter how advanced computer (including flat), but they are changed because of the development of. In a sense, the Internet era, to change is not the technology but the people, the power is not a tool to change the interest.

not only to break an old world, but also have the ability to build a new world, the electricity supplier to the traditional model will inevitably have an alternative generation. Instead of the old ship, the trans sea bridge replaced the coach. Music website "ruined" the CD industry; e-commerce dug up the corner of the store". Whether it is moving bricks or innovation, electricity providers have begun to change our lives. No matter can not catch up the pace of business you can, can not be ignored is that e-commerce has played an increasingly important role in our life world.

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