B2B business website 12 should pay attention to details

in the previous article, I have simply described the current in some business website "products let" function is difficult, today all process made a simple induction, let you experience the process and business point of confusion.

if you are B2B site SOE staff, I believe that read these, there will be some help for your optimization.

a, registration difficult

registration to fill in a lot of information, and finally fill in the submission, the results have not reached the requirements, according to return to show that the page has expired, or is a direct jump to the blank registration page, halo!

two, update difficult (no longer repeat here)

three, login difficult

login is difficult to identify the key function, and some sites in order to prevent the registration of the machine, the identification code to make people do not know, and there is no hint of whether the input is correct". Especially the number 0 and the letter "O"; the number "9" and lowercase "g"; the number "7" and "1" and "L" in lowercase letters and numbers mixed identification code, it is very difficult in itself.

four, browser is not compatible with

I used to use Maxthon, because can remember the user name and password. Although IE also has this feature, but a bit of Web site requires the removal of COOKES to log on or display the edit box. There is a website with Maxthon, open only to see both sides of the vertical advertising, to pull the end to see the text, I believe that is because the browser is not compatible with the.

five, sensitive words too rigid

like the company’s production of special vehicles, the unit with the capital of the "MM", sprinkler installed high-pressure gun, but also with a high pressure gun. The product release by N when a website jump out, indicating the existence of illegal characters, "I Mangba uppercase" MM "changed to lowercase" mm ", still jump tips, I put the" high pressure gun "to" high voltage apparatus ", through the. I wonder, "gun" is illegal characters, why "gun" is not it?!

six, free, the risk coefficient of large

, an American Chinese website, once logged in, display server failure caused by hurricanes, please let the next landing, came in, but only a name of the company, the product is not one. Again is my blog, Baidu space was closed, it cost me a lot of effort, results suggest that due to the breach of the agreement space, space has been restricted access or delete! Finally to read the agreement, is not in violation of the provisions generally know commercial activities to be permanently deleted. No rectification, basically complaints untitled, had to give up. This is a warning everyone, can be engaged in the blog marketing, also do not want to "loud, tough and silent Dripping water wears through a stone." principle.

seven, do not understand, clear COOKES


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