nterpretation of China domain name behind the scenes

recently, according to the reporter, the network domain name "Chinese China QiaoDu.Cn, China QiaoDu. Chinese", "Chinese QiaoDu. Chinese", "Chinese QiaoDu.Cn" have been robbed of registration. Since the Chinese domain. Since the advent of Chinese "by Chinese concerns, had" Dongqi investment. China "and" Shaolin Temple. China "was registered phenomenon has occurred, has not yet subsided. Chinese domain name has been registered in the domestic hot.

recently, NetEase survey shows that in the majority of Internet users to participate in the vote, up to 79.24% of Internet users said they would register.

insiders said, "Chinese. China" domain name was registered by the phenomenon is expected. The reason for buying Chinese domain names is obvious. For Chinese domain name itself, simple and clear, easy to spread the memory, in line with the language habits of the Chinese people. The domain name is rich in resources, simple and fast registration procedures. For domestic enterprises and people, easy to use, easy to remember. Enterprises registered in the Chinese domain name can improve the visibility of enterprises in the country to protect the company’s resources. Personal registration of Chinese domain names can be established personalized website to meet the spiritual civilization, reflect their own value. A lot of people specialize in investment domain name and enterprise name in advance to buy Star Chinese related domain name, to earn the difference between, the formation of further caused the phenomenon of cybersquatting.

Chinese domain name is listed as the international top-level domain name is the performance of the development of the world’s Internet industry, but also reflects the borderless network. According to the relevant person in charge of the times, said: the Chinese domain name to facilitate the use of a glance, the advantages of rich meaning to occupy the domestic market, and so that the Chinese do not understand the Chinese directly with the Chinese internet. At present, the Chinese domain name registration is still in the boom, similar to the registered domain name: China Telecom.Cn, time network.Com, Changhong. Although the Chinese domain is rich in resources, but the personality Limited registered in the domain name, can hardly be avoided."

experts believe that the Chinese domain name "China" not only to promote the development of China’s Internet, but also to promote the pace of China’s social information technology, but also to promote the development of Chinese traditional culture.

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