How to promote the forum to bring traffic to the site

for the forum to promote, I like this for every SEOER is the most familiar, but I also published in the Admin5, the use of the forum to promote the experience summary. Previously published that post is mainly used to do GG rankings and PR. Today, I come to sum up how to promote the forum to bring me a lot of site traffic.

for the forum to promote the site to bring traffic, we must first choose a good forum, and now many forums can not be published with a link post. How do we judge the forum is the first criteria, the number of online forum more, if it is a small forum one day traffic only thousands, you in his forum post, enter your website traffic but only dozens of, so we should choose the forum, the first to choose a large flow of forum. Second, this forum can be published with a link post!

good forum to choose a good, we have to do the following is the post. Post a knowledge, we often find that some people posted no hits a few hours can reach thousands or even tens of thousands in some forums, and some people posted one or two months to hundreds. So the technology we have to post.

how to write the title of the post

for a large forum such as Tianya, netizens friends post billions of dollars, when users visit the post first view is the title of the post, if not a good title, no place to attract users, I want to have a few friends will go to check. For a title, good, mainly to see how you express. Take a tourism marketing for XX tourism post speculation in the process of post title "the most detailed by the history of the XX tourism strategy" to "the history of the cattle tourism strategy", click rate by day more than and 200 soared to more than 4 thousand a day, this is the case. So when we use the forum to promote, in the preparation of the title of the post as far as possible to write the title to attract people!

post content

in the preparation of the contents of the article we want to be rich in graphics and text and graphics to match the title. A post without the editor support, want to fry the possibility of heat is almost zero, and the network editor can only support the match problem of the post, or the post will by netizens as "the title of the party" notoriety, so in the post account will match the question into account charge.

summary of the post replies

we all know that posts on the first page of the forum will be easier to read than the second page in the forum. How to make your posts on the front page of the forum? We can do these kinds of methods: first, multi post. Second, their own reply. Third, let the moderator to your desktop. These three methods are the most effective of the third, but the third is the most difficult to achieve a method. So we can use more posts and their own top to achieve >

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