400 telephone application for the promotion of key words outside the station summary

to say 400 phone application for the promotion of the station outside the station, I can only say that he is a novice, through continuous learning imitation, I think it is very important to share:

1: About link

1 attach importance to internal links, is in the release of the external links of the article when the focus on the chain, usually blog is particularly important.

2 post chain distribution and the number of Nene is very important. This is mainly based on the personal feeling of posting, and adapt to the blog. (8% best)

3 Chain Related words to be connected to the corresponding page.

4 not too many.


5 can be considered with soft chain. The main concern is the fear of distributed search engine attention.

two: about article

1 to the original, at least to the original, this success has been released, most of the old site is listed as repeat information.

2 article should not be too long, pay attention to paragraph statements. Be sure to leave room for your own language.

3 Jingbian Title.

4 before writing, analysis of the main keywords, and through Baidu to find a large number of related keywords. The beginning of the article 100 words in the main keywords to appear 2-3 times.

5 do not use their original keywords, to let people in different key words can search the same article.

three: about keyword


1 not to their own subjective setting, do not understand the search engine to stand in the perspective of method is to ask more, more experience, more search, see the opponent.

2 keywords to implant the original article, do not deliberately, to nature.

3 often search for your keywords or keywords you have set.

4 is best to promote the long tail of the first key words, because the competitiveness of small. There is also the accumulation of short words, the effect will be obvious point.

5 station optimization and outside the station to promote key words to unify. Out of the station after the effect of the extension of the expansion.

four: About Q & a

1 Baidu know, the question and answer these question, you to answer a question, if there is no question set is the best answer, it is not easy to be searched, the best question and answer, with some key words in the title of the questions, and then change the IP to the answer is the best answer. This is conducive to the user in the search for these keywords, it is easy to find your ad card.

2 amount to pay attention to.

five: about choosing

1 to choose what kind of classification of Web site information to determine your search engine rankings and ranking

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