WeChat public number to increase the latest method of fans

a lot of friends want to add their own WeChat public numbers, but also want to know how to add to the WeChat public number. We know that the number of ways to increase the number of WeChat public, but today, Shao Lianhu to share a lot of people do not know WeChat public number plus powder method.

we all know what is the WeChat public number, but what is the WeChat forwarding platform WeChat forwarding platform is actually called the WeChat forwarding platform to make money, I gave up the name of the WeChat forwarding platform. So, what is this WeChat forwarding platform to make money


recently I have been studying some mobile phone money project, and this article WeChat forwarding method money is the key research object I, because I feel that this method is suitable for some do not understand the Internet, also want to make some friends outside the block on the Internet, I also hope that they can earn money.

busy for half a month, I in order to verify the WeChat forwarded the article in the end how much money can be earned, tested several platforms, but also earned a few hundred dollars. Moreover, this half a month so that my VIP members and fans have made money through this article forwarded WeChat.

topic is a bit far away, we still talk about today’s theme. As a result of this half a year has been in the study of WeChat forward to make money, I think the content of this platform is how to come. Unexpectedly, a long time, I found that some of these content is their own integration, and some can submit content.

Some of the WeChat

forwarding background can publish their own content platform, some can see WeChat public good content, the article address copy, paste can be transformed into profitable links in their platform. Some money to invest in advertising, and some cooperation with them.

there are a lot of friends should be able to play WeChat forwarded the article to make money platform, you will find that the article forwarded some of them out of the platform, while others have shown that the public number inside the article. In other words, these forwarding platform can help promote the WeChat public number, many people to help forward the article is to make money, others see the article will be interested in.

below, I told you that some of their own in the way WeChat posted on the platform to release money content:

WeChat forwarding platform to make money a lot of money, you can publish their own content, you can contribute, but most are not. These can publish their own content, their contribution can enter your WeChat public number in the links, that is to say, if they will contribute through the platform for free to help you promote WeChat public number, can use the computer to contribute, as shown below:


teach you how to contribute in these platforms, and then give us a platform to see. For example, the following platform has an article called "road, there is no wrong, just the wrong choice" as follows:


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