A round of financing 50 million yuan was renamed he fun Touch

in October this year, as one of the few vertical interest cost-effective electricity supplier App completed A round of 50 million yuan financing, it is reported that from the morning of venture capital.

this is a test of the water had invested in China map education of fortune venture capital in the field of business. Venture capital in the morning of this attempt in the Internet era, from the traditional enterprise gradually turned to the Internet business, no doubt optimize the coverage and enthusiasm of its investment. As a vertical electricity supplier in emerging industries, the completion of cost-effective App financing is in line with the recent venture capital in recent years, small and medium enterprises.

after nearly two years of development, "App" has cost more than 2000 users, the monthly sales exceeded 10 million, more than 100 thousand users posted on the community. Eleven this year, the price of the mall turnover broke through a single day of 2 million.

A round of financing to complete at the same time, the price of App officially changed its name to his fun Touch. Combined with the introduction of the human nature of the fun before the assessment, health testing, exercise programs and other new features, the price to further upgrade, will create a more close to the user’s interest experience Club – he fun Touch.

is currently the major application market price App have all been updated as "fun" he Touch, retained the original mall + community pattern and the rich forum, he highlights the characteristics of vertical boring upgrade applications, more accurately locate the user groups, will be able to provide more accurate user demand and supplies community content.

according to his fun Touch Huang Tiancai CEO introduced, after the completion of the A round of financing, he will be interested in Touch 3 aspects to enhance.

in the brand, he will be more interested in the introduction of a number of foreign brands in the category, he will increase the interest of the electricity supplier as a subdivision of the field, to expand the existing commodity category. For example, SM, lesbian, gay…… These categories require specialized supplies; third, his interest will further enhance the shopping experience. In the future, he opened his user interest App, the user interface will see individual sex toys exclusive own recommendation, which is recommended to the user in his interest health testing, testing, purchasing habits, preference data analysis based on App; and the user can in real measurement, energy-saving introduced selection sex toys. From the opening to the completion of the purchase, the user will be able to complete an independent purchase process within 10 minutes.

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