Vintage where customers will turn to do the electricity supplier open platform


[TechWeb] News reported in April 17th, after a long time of preparation, VANCL will first step to open platform from the pure electricity supplier self.

in the 2012 China apparel industry recently held e-commerce summit, VANCL aged CEO said, we will adopt an open policy in 2013. To build an open platform, inviting the traditional shoes brands like. Currently in consultation with some traditional brands and communication, the latest in May and June this year will be on the line.

old TechWeb said, to go where the platform model is not a whim, but after a long time thinking, where the customer has two division for the open platform to prepare for. In addition, we also mentality, operations, organizational structure and other aspects have made the appropriate adjustments.

"before, we believe that once all the apparel products where customers can import, but eventually found that there are a lot of products category is where the customer is not good at sports, such as clothing, shoes, clothing etc.. Therefore we do not decide to give up the good category, traditional brands of invitation." Chen said.

where the customer after the opening, will choose what kind of brand? Old said that the presence of the brand positioning and customer agreement will be required. Where the customer’s location has three points: are enough, enough fashion price, and good service. Therefore, enough fashion and adequate price will be the most important criteria where the customer’s brand choice and basis.

insiders speculated that in March this year, where the acquisition of amplification effect of clothing brand beginning brings, but also more determined we take the road of the platform.

According to the old

said, every guest in the beginning of the beginning of the acquisition, asked the first moment this spring and summer stocks are expected to sell to what time the first moment reply is August 2013, and every guest in the acquisition of the first moment within two days after the stock has been digested.

"many Amoy brand also to find where the customer (about buying), but we answered truthfully, we now can not receive so many brands, but we can cooperate." Chen told the TechWeb, where the customer currently has about thirty million users, a huge user base is mainly due to sales of amplification effect.

"our idea is very simple, open the first is to meet the needs of more users, but also can bring the supplement for the guest service." Chen said.

Chen also stressed that the acquisition of the future must be one of the customers will consider the way, and to answer questions about the current acquisition immediately launched the reason is money or management? Old said, "management is a very big challenge."

in reply to TechWeb about "afraid of opening bring certain flow loss to every guest?" when the problem, Chen smiled and said: "worry."

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