Shop can also be a single bank loan ceiling of 50 thousand

is currently the vast majority of Internet sellers are individuals or self-employed households, more than 80% of its funding comes from personal income, which more and more sellers are moving in the direction of the development of the electronic commerce occupation, but was just started, a smaller scale, often encounter the problem of capital shortage. How to make the limited funds to "live" together? In fact, online sellers can personally by Alipay for the seller of credit loans to bank loans, loan number can be tens of hundreds of pens, cumulative loan amount of up to 100 thousand yuan, convenient and flexible.

example: Mr. Qin Guangxi a few years ago to the development of Guangzhou, Guangzhou clothing market is very developed, considering the shop threshold low, the advantages of quick development, on the Internet opened a clothing store, because the clothes are fashionable, cheap, and thoughtful service, so Mr. Qin shop fire up quickly. Can Mr. Qin think if not subject to funding constraints, they can develop faster, the size of the shop can also be further expanded. Originally, the buyer photographed after the payment of a post, general funds for more than a week to return to the waiting time, inventory and payment in goods sold, Mr. Qin only anxious, often watched a lot of business loss. But it’s hard for him to run to the bank, like him, to borrow money.

solution: like Mr. Qin’s online sellers can consider applying for the seller of credit loans by Alipay, will have not received the payment transaction and transaction security, to the bank for a loan to the seller for the individual name, personal short-term funding needs. It is reported that the seller credit service is an electronic commerce credit system as the foundation, the Alipay deal to pledge the credit service, belonging to the bank (factoring factoring business is a set of commercial credit, accounts receivable management, credit risk guarantee and trade financing in one of the new comprehensive financial services). Construction Bank as the lender, the loan application and loan operation of all network, all in the Alipay account. User 7× 24 hours can enjoy loan services, a single loan limit of $50, an upper limit of $50 thousand, the cumulative amount of up to $100 thousand per day.

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