99% of fresh electricity supplier is still a loss of fresh electricity supplier cooked it

in May this year, Amazon is thrown into China ten years of the initial investment of $20 million, a 77 stake in the electricity supplier vertical fresh delicious; I bought the network in Beijing announced the completion of financing, the amount of $100 million; Alibaba group 10 billion yuan into the rural market; after the listing of the Jingdong is also open to build O2O platform for fresh Zhangzidao cooperation and has the largest marine Chinese beginning ranch. Capital market ready to, after a few years, the real war is coming.

times weekly reporter Ma Huan from Guangzhou

this autumn, double eleven shopping spree is not coming true, but a relevant and fresh products network war has already started.

Australia New Zealand milk, seafood, vegetables in Yunnan, the past is not for the products, now have the express delivery service, but also can choose the business far a check. But consumers in hualiaoyan. At the same time, but also by some immature nerve racking service.

was living too irresponsible! "Still can not receive a satisfactory reply after complaints, who lives in Guangzhou, Panyu District Tong miss in the circle of friends out of this sentence.

at the end of October 2014, was originally life network attracted in the area of advertising, Miss Tong ordered a batch of imported fresh products in the fresh electricity supplier online, including kiwi, scallops, shrimp. She never thought that the goods to the courier that she happens to be not at home, a box of fresh products directly will be placed in the doorway, he walk away.

"the reason is" who you are not at home, "said does not guarantee how I got home fresh quality," Ms. Tong recalled, "I was very angry, called and asked him, he said," you have a complaint on the complaint "." As a Master online shopping, the online shopping experience fresh let Tong miss is not overflowing in the words.

started from the second half of 2013, fresh become the fastest star category for the electricity supplier industry growth, is also a major electricity supplier platform is one of the most intense fighting. However, in the current environment, fresh online still belongs to the wilderness stage, the future market structure, there will be more severe shock.

high margin eye-catching

CBD of Guangzhou Pearl River New Town, gathered in a middle-class residential area, is responsible for the delivery of fresh products delivery every day busy awfully.

preferred SF, one shop, meow fresh, original life…… Several fresh electricity supplier products have penetrated into the entire community. One of SF’s staff on the weekly Times reporter revealed that many households here a week there will be more than three times the fresh products ordered, "for a long time, many people have fared very well, I know what time they go out, what time of delivery is better." The staff member said.

at present, the influx of fresh electricity supplier in the field of business one after another, can be roughly divided into three categories: >

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