SEO contest is actually a soft game

believe that every webmaster all know, want to increase the weight of a web page, in the protection of their website content on the original basis, the most important point is that the chain, and the chain in general there are two ways, one is Links, one is soft, said the first, the contest website are new sites, so in order to obtain a relatively high weight of the site Links, unless it is otherwise can only rely on their own website, buy, of course, if you have good eloquence good, then the other said. Today, I want to say the second: soft Wen, remember that the king had written an article in the article said, "the soft is a very free and convenient way to promote". And many webmaster is to do so, the 100 Valley SEO contest, many webmaster in various sites especially network owners who write published text, from April 9th start date, the Internet is flooded with every kind of soft webmaster. The purpose of the soft, of course, is the chain increases your website, your article is good, will be many websites, even by the webmaster network published on the home page, every day from Adsense online collection of the stationmaster of a lot of, if you write the article by hundreds of websites reproduced what it means, means outside a lot of chain,

Of course,

is not so well written, even written may not be agreed by others, so this technology is needed qinxuekulian, method, is to write often and gradually be able to master this technology. I haven’t written soft, lazy, not so good writing, every time I think of good things, hands on the keyboard is not the feeling, I believe many people have this kind of situation, so we can step by step, each write a bit more to write more, slowly also familiar with.

I think this contest is the most important thing is to write soft, believe that these days stationmaster net articles are much more than the previous day, because there are a lot like me usually do not write people began to write.

this article reprinted from, reprint please keep this link. Thank you! Write the soft Wen is the most afraid of others reprint your article, but don’t give you to keep the link, for this kind of person, in addition to strong contempt, really take him no way.

Below is the

extract graph king previously issued "why I encouraged to write a part of soft Wen" in the three major benefits about soft Wen:

1 brand, invisible brand show, and is the most free promotion. When your domain name, your unique logo has been cited numerous times, we are familiar with. And pay attention to. When people mention you in that field, you just talked about the regional or refer to your domain name, your website, you’re laughing behind.

2 direct hits, because you invisible URL, your invisible product, causing the user’s curiosity, and direct users. Many forums, blogs, default www link points out form.

3 search weight, it is generally difficult now, in Admin5>

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