Word of mouth marketing case analysis event marketing to bring some enlightenment


what are our current habits and why do more and more smart phones start selling? Where do you spend most of your time every day?

if we are not aware of the popularity of the Web2.0 era and the 3G era, then it will never stand on the first battlefield marketing, traditional media channels have become more logistics forces. Millet + rifles are not now become marketing standard, because you need more timely market feedback, Sanlu milk powder Synutra milk Erie Mengniu PR war this is our "past failure".

who will share an advertisement in life for their friends? This is our question about the traditional media. In the era of the new media, readily @ once a share of a simple review to let us get the evaluation from the audience. The new media is more like a big party, and your champagne for how you will be detonated, whenever and wherever possible, let’s see why humans cannot prevent the sea "" where Master "is how one step towards an Internet carnival," eyes thirsty "is how to pass sentence word of mouth detonated


If You Are The One attention more than happy camp, startling step by step how to go on Search Ranking? All this shows that we have more time spent in the audience? And billboards passively waiting for exposure (traditional marketing) as accurate to sending leaflets (interactive marketing). Because no matter what the relationship between us, we will cross the 6 degree connections with him, no one denies this, and the first time the network will achieve maximum conversion. Pro, closer to the distance between the seller and the buyer Taobao @ let micro-blog mode changed the life, so we are more convinced that the future of the battlefield is the Internet, interactive marketing will rewrite the marketing world.


, February 18, 2011 at 14 PM, the "love grocery store" released in Sina micro-blog: "legend, every workplace white-collar workers have a thing decreed by fate: working overtime, promotion, or a high jump leap. The struggle in this white-collar helpless, accidentally met a smugness boss said to him: "want to pay, you are not thirsty eyes?" this statement was released immediately by the pursuit of friends. "Legend, each × × × something decreed by fate: × × × × × × or × × ×, in the × × × × × × when I met a very natural XXX said: × × ×, you are not thirsty eyes?" netizens Wai "

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