What is the purpose of network promotion

time soon, do the work of popularization is a flash for half a year, think about what to do after the promotion brings great benefit? Direct money income at present I really can’t do it. Does that mean I am white promotion it is not the purpose of the promotion to bring profit to the company?

said that if everyone is to return to the promotion, I think the power he insisted should not be too long, most of the promotion will need time, short period of success in addition to hire experts, but most of the webmaster, especially the grassroots webmaster without financial support, the website operation promotion on their own, is not easy, they are really find out, but also from the network on the experience of predecessors, so short-term goals may not be obvious, so don’t give up, be short-sighted! Some migration slowly accumulated thing you can see


set up the company and personal brand

this is actually the most valuable part of the promotion, but also complement each other. The so-called brand benefits, is to rely on a good brand reputation and reputation indirectly to the company or personal income. For the company ready to promote this is a prerequisite, the company’s brand play out, the profits of the company, of course, the boss did not forget your work, the more important is through the company’s good reputation foundation also indirectly promote yourself, establish a brand for yourself. The most simple example, release the soft link with their own blog, go to webmaster exchange, the network is now so advanced, but also know a lot from all sides webmaster! Of course, good corporate reputation is the cornerstone of a big, more favorable for future development. Our company’s website, the library network 123 check: http://s.123cha.com/ is an old station, so many years experience, with a good reputation, and users feel good with spontaneous promotion, has created a certain brand benefits for the company. At present, more inquiries are being perfected, and the user experience is the first!

As for the

personal brand, this effort, after all so many predecessors in that, through the company’s website, SEO technology and network promotion of the article a little fame for himself, in the Baidu search reamo saw almost all of my friends, a lot of the elders said to use his name to launch his promotion no, I do not want to, young is the capital. Now some will enjoy the presumptuous wayward, slowly, not afraid you can’t remember me after reamo’s real name: Cai Dexin. Write better than Chinese haha



said to know more the webmaster, especially on the Internet, the interactive talking about a part of promotion is also very important, that is people! As the saying goes that on friends, through the promotion, released on the Internet some friendship exchange links with what, to write a good article with everyone to share experience, the webmaster are learning spirit, share a lot mix, after things will help each other! "

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