Make the United States and the United States must have an English version of the game website produc

      personally think that no matter what the site must have characteristics, E text website is the same. Briefly describes several key sites, you may think it sounds very simple, but we can seriously think you do not.

      1 site location and content. (user groups, this is most important)
      2 domain name and space provider selection.
      3.CMS system selection.
      4 web design and content acquisition and SEO
      5 website profit model of
      E 6 how to promote the game website
      7 to do the E station, ask Baidu and Google

      followed by a brief description of each title, thank you!

      1 site positioning content, why my topic today is the game site production? I am interested in the first game, but also one of my work now (I am engaged in online game market analysis), so I choose the game site. Second I have the content of the site positioning. But there are so many games, it is impossible to do so, so choose a more popular game on the market. Reference website:, etc.. It is also a large group of popular games. Such as "World of Warcraft", "the Lord of the rings" (see the way to help a friend under the flow:)) etc.. Remember: focus can go faster. Site positioning varies from person to person, we consider

      2 domain name selection

      2.1: can choose according to the domain name you do, if you want to choose to do WOW games you can select the domain name

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