These 7 routines help the community to become a corporate gold mine


community under the effect of impulse signal consumption, community trust endorsement of the high rate of re purchase, with good vision, not forget the early heart return a high degree of autonomy, interaction, group of friends than expected to become the enterprise community fissible gold deposit.


clear revenue structure perspective

at the beginning of the establishment of the group should be clear what the purpose and the company’s earnings, the best can be realized. To pass out the group of friends of the dominant and invisible income, but also to give the whole group a big vision. Just as the Red Army can join the landlord to fight the field, but the greater vision is to liberate the masses of the people to achieve communism, the team continued to split in this vision, and ultimately won the victory to seize power. Or to the land to the farm. Together with the growth of learning has become a consistent pursuit, even if we have to get the income, or can be condensed together. Over time, we will feel: ah, so we are such a collective, do not want to leave each other.

invisible earnings to be greater than the apparent earnings

to do the community’s most direct two purposes in order to maintain the relationship with the user, in order to achieve the two. The ultimate goal is to consumers to buy their own products; we need to transfer the user to link through the community, you will have a super expected earnings, revenue is the direct user goods brought him the value, but also to create more invisible income for the user, when the invisible income is greater than the income show users to pay the desire to simply stop not down.

for example: tea to us is to increase earnings management, show management knowledge, promotion and salary raise invisible income, but is a chance to meet corporate chiefs, finally put Liu Qiangdong in the bag, the tea must find value, that money is what. As long as the invisible income, to the elite school management will flock to MM.

group highly autonomous

people don’t love things tied up by many restrictions and fetters, especially from the external power management, when the community is set up, the best way is to mobilize community self management, this is for the benign development of autonomous group, when a group of human hair advertising, mutual abuse, exchange of water and no one stood up the intervention group will slowly lose value.

can be set according to the actual situation of the group administrator roles such as topics, discipline, activities, and then open recruitment. Given the clear responsibilities, rewards and punishment, more prominent administrator of invisible income or honor gains, try not to use the material reward, otherwise will cause many people to material things, and not very good for community service. Multiple words can specify a group responsible person, as long as the official management and guidance group responsible person, rules, group Friends of a high degree of autonomy of community play rules to optimize through the practice of rehabilitation, when group fission can be reused, greatly save operating cost.


don’t forget early heart >

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