Google launches URL address abbreviation service Goo gl

December 15th news, according to foreign media reports, Google on Monday entered a new field, the introduction of a new URL address abbreviation service. The name of this service is "".

is different from the current TinyURL address of the and, such as the most eye-catching, and is not the abbreviation of a generic link that users can access through a single site. Instead, it was built in Google products, starting with Google’s browser toolbar and Google’s Feedburner RSS service. These two services can now create an address that is connected to the source of the abbreviation, while using fewer characters. This is very important for sharing information in places like Twitter. Twitter web content content restrictions.

is a feature that is launched with a shared button on the Google toolbar. This shared button enables users to share their web pages on many social services. As for integration with FeedBurner, Google now provides a way for users to deliver content to automatically post posts directly to the Twitter web site. This method will help keep the number of characters at the lowest level.

Google says the acronym is stable and fast. Google will also search the index to take the same security measures to prevent possible malware or phishing attacks.

In a post on the official blog,

Google said in a post on the service that Google may eventually turn the service as a separate site. However, this service is currently built in Google products. This feature allows third party sites to link Google’s acronym to their products.

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