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Yi Xun is wildly beating gongs and drums to make the final business structure adjustment after June 30th, fast and easy to operate independently self whether there will be a conclusion, after the Tencent owned electricity supplier (QQ online shopping + pat Network) and Yi Xun open platform has been the Jingdong incorporated.

Shanghai in recent years as one of the few Internet Co to entrepreneurial success, fast and easy achievements and it is obvious to people, shop No. 1 partner hutch electricity supplier in Shanghai, a leading 3C industry, a coquettish FMCG market. Unfortunately, the two companies are not adhering to the road of independence, and are two easy to master.

When the

in the 618 home appliance business in the battle of wits, fast and easy to become the Jingdong behind the low-key. If in a fast and easy self completely incorporated into the Jingdong, then Yi Xun this brand is also exist in name only.

No leader in

divided in public opinion

from easy fast multiple sources told me that the company is now in a bad situation, the volume of transactions in a large number of shrinking, one after another to leave."

in addition to media exposure of the logistics team before leaving the storm, the headquarters is located in Caohejing easy fast and no sudden what big movement, may we signed a confidentiality agreement’s sake". A fast and easy insiders said, but from the Jingdong was incorporated to now, there should be more than and 100 colleagues in the business turnover.

this is just the tip of the iceberg, it can be inferred that the fast and easy to go far more than this hundred people. Multiple sources said, in July there will be part of the fast and easy to leave, due to the confidentiality agreement, the specific reason is not convenient to say."

is very insecure, this time, the atmosphere shrouded in Yi Xun headquarters. However, compared with these people, the whereabouts of the fast and easy CEO divination has been much concern.

in easy fast inside, employees have privately discussed whether the boss has left. Last time they feel the presence of the owner, or the letter of March 10th internal mail, where a Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong is my friend for many years, we have many common views on management styles, ways and views on the issues." Let us feel that the five mixed".

fast and easy to clear, the boss will not compromise, leave is the better choice, the former Tencent can be pledged and Jingdong as trassient as a fleeting cloud.

personnel under the framework of the company, is also about to re adjust.

independent fast and easy self doubt

there are less than 9 days time, easy fast proprietary business will have a conclusion, is an independent operation or be integrated Jingdong. The source believes that the possibility of fast and easy self operated business to maintain independent zero.

in the absence of Tencent and Jingdong that a paper contract, Tencent electricity supplier Holdings (ECC), including three business: first, Tencent’s own electricity supplier business, including QQ online shopping + pat network. Two, >

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