Chengdu micro blog 2 years of nearly two years of fans operating losses are still 400 thousand

poly fans send advertising micro-blog marketing rise

now has a million fans micro-blog account, send an ad to charge the cost of 100-200 yuan

although the company’s monthly expenses of less than 100 thousand, but micro-blog advertising revenue is less than 100 thousand, operating for nearly 2 years has not yet profitable

if you are micro-blog control, I believe that even if you do not pay attention, but also must have seen @ we love to tell cold jokes @ @ global hot list, etc. micro-blog. Behind these micro-blog, is not a person in combat, but the mature micro-blog marketing team in operation. In Chengdu, there are a group of young people, from 2 years ago began to do micro-blog operations, and micro-blog ranking among the top ten English class, but there is still a situation where.

Entrepreneurship: comic word to attract 390 thousand fans

in Binjiang Road, a residential area of the two floor balcony, one looked like a coffee shop office, with 390 thousand fans of the "embarrassed words" in Sina micro-blog, was born here.

August 2010, Lu Ke registered micro-blog account "embarrassed words", sharing way of words with friends. In September 25, 2010, he made a cartoon form of the performance of the complex relationship between the figure, marked 15 words and phrases, attracted more than 3000 users forwarding. This let Lu Ke saw an opportunity, through word-of-mouth marketing, "embarrassed words" fans exceeded 100 thousand after 5 months.

less than 2 years, has made more than 5000 of micro-blog’s "embarrassed words" has 390 thousand fans, boarded the micro-blog ranking the top ten English class.

mode: "large with small" micro-blog marketing

There is a saying on

that when micro-blog has 10 thousand fans, it’s up to you to run a magazine, and when you have 100 thousand fans, it’s a newspaper. So some people Chouzhun the platform to start advertising.

has just started forwarding a micro-blog or advertising, the price can reach 400-500 yuan, millions of fans account or even thousands of dollars a." Lu Ke told reporters, but the price will soon fall down, and now has a million fans micro-blog account, send an ad, but 100-200 yuan.

advertising can make money, but if the frequent release of advertising, will cause resentment fans. So, Lu Ke and the team opened several accounts, the main trend of English learning and information. With the tuba with trumpet, the way forward and promote a number of accounts, a significant increase in the number of small fans in a short time. When a small number of fans reached a certain amount, you can start advertising.

Transformation: the development of mobile applications for

"embarrassed words" now has 12 employees, half of which specialize in micro-blog editing and operation, in addition to designers, programmers and city "

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