The loan officer addicted to online gambling fraud 18 million jailed for 14 years

Beijing October 31 Lishui Xinhua (reporter Hu Fengsheng correspondent Weng Jiafeng) Zhejiang County of Suichang Province, a female loan officer, addicted to online gambling, fictitious loan need working capital reason to defraud money more than 1800 yuan, and more than the prescribed time limit overdraft credit card more than 13 yuan. Reporters learned 31, which was Lishui intermediate people’s court sentenced to imprisonment for 14 years, a fine of $150 thousand.

defendant Xiemou, female, Suichang, before the incident for the China Construction Bank Suichang branch credit.

as addicted to online gambling, Xiemou often will own income emptied, but also often ask colleagues and friends to borrow money. Gambling addiction is more and more big, she began to move their brains.

from November 2013 to June 2014, thanks to a fictional enterprise to help repay the loan needs of working capital reasons, one after another to cheat the victim painted a 16 million 440 thousand yuan, to the incident, there are no return of $10 million 560 thousand. June 2014, Xiemou with the same reason, two times a total of defrauding pan yuan 450 thousand yuan, Hwang $700 thousand. June 16th to 22, Xie with the same method, respectively, the successful implementation of fraud six times, defrauding others of $430 thousand.

June 4th, Xie also fictional relatives often need to use the credit card business reasons, the use of the victim’s credit card overdraft malicious overdraft 19998 yuan.

, the court found that from September 2013 to June 2014, thanks to a total of defrauding others of money totaling 18 million 40 thousand yuan, 12 million 65 thousand yuan debt has not returned, which is used for online gambling and the loss of more than 1000 yuan.

During this period,

also malicious overdraft his name credit card, a total of 137198.76 yuan.

June 23, 2014, Xiemou due to inability to repay debt and flee, three days after being arrested in Yongkang public security organs.

Lishui intermediate people’s court after the trial, Xiemou comprehensive criminal facts and pleaded guilty attitude, sentenced him to twelve years imprisonment for the crime of fraud, fined 100 thousand yuan, credit card fraud and sentenced to five years imprisonment, graft, decided to implement fourteen years imprisonment and fined 150 thousand yuan. (end)

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