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80 after face, after 90 fun, you let him go to fast food, of course, he does not do.

for a name, called the App room, he felt very fashionable, very hard.

a lot of foreigners sigh, Japan, France, the United States of the Internet, there is no such a fire in China, it is estimated that with this: Chinese people love face, so do what they want to hang the internet.

over the past two years, every day O2O venture capital companies to obtain financing, there are O2O venture project to suspend, collapse. Now, we offer you the most complete O2O enterprise market point Chinese history, involving a total of 16 areas, more than 1000 enterprises, while in the 16 fields has died and what kind of "the dead", a Aihong, please bring your own towel.

these 16 fields are medical, beauty industry, marriage, real estate, Home Furnishing, travel, automotive, tourism, education, catering, retail, finance, community, service providers and other examples of the current O2O industry, the death of enterprise, and analyzes the causes of death of the 16 industries.

medical death list

medical 02O in recent years, with the development of the Internet the rise of new industries, the government to promote the positive signal of health care reform is a catalyst to promote medical O2O development, is a typical Internet transformation of traditional enterprises. According to the survey, in 2014 the scale of China Mobile medical market is 2 billion 840 million yuan, is expected in 2015 to engage in the field of medical O2O companies will reach $4 billion 230 million, of which mobile medical and physical health care was concentrated outbreak. However, in the industry as a whole blowout development, but also a large number of medical O2O companies quietly withdraw from the market.


cause of death:

1 mobile medical, intelligent hardware and the rise of home services, to seize a large part of the market share, the impact of traditional online medical companies, leading to the death of a number of enterprises.

2 can be seen through the list, the death of many enterprises to health management, more enterprises engaged in the field, is not conducive to the formation of competitive advantage, once there is no giant injection, it is easy to be eliminated by the industry.

beauty industry death list

At present, the

China beauty industry market hundreds of billions of dollars in size, beauty (including plastic) the largest market, the rest is the hairdressing industry and Manicure industry, the whole market is very great. Professional stores have three million home beauty industry line, highly dispersed throughout the line, the future with the O2O industry has developed, which bring more and more opportunities for investors. Some people are happy to worry about, the United States Industry O2O has just started, there is no ability to finance the continued development of the user’s business is difficult, and even bankruptcy.

inventory of the United States, the United States and the O2O industry has 7 companies, of which there are about 5 APP on the platform, the

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