Personal website can also launch their own free space

I occasionally look at some new developments of the CMS system, what to want to do.

recently launched their myhbcms Hongbo CMS free web space in 08 years in March, it is the first CMS based free space.


saw this free space news also don’t believe in, free web server resources consumption is so big that it can live long? Think over a CMS program + template installation is 3MB, plus every space of a database, CMS Hongbo has the ability? I thought it should be like most provider of free space, not long to live.

4 months later, I did not expect this free space is still alive, accident. I looked at their free space home today, actually also pushed a "self-help cooperation platform", according to their statement is: to provide free space for your site users, your two level domain name, your ad.

my first impression is not possible, such cooperation can also engage in? It takes a lot of resources, they have money to burn? But such cooperation is still quite attractive, imagine if my website can also provide two level domain name for users of the application of free space, very cool.

so I consulted a telephone, free is true, but there are 10 thousand IP to cooperate, the entertainment nature of the site is not. The demand is too high.

to a demonstration site address, we can see, is human nature, in the opening process of partner website:

HBcms in the current mainstream CMS tide, taking some offbeat development of reverse, whether it is successful or not, for the old Dede and phpcms power is also a stimulus for their development, at least a veteran of CMS only work hard to keep the market position. This is for our webmaster, is good. Let’s compete with you..

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