Media said 3G massive layoffs how to step by step down

according to the latest news from the point of science and technology reporter, 3G portal has begun large-scale layoffs yesterday. Apart from sports, bookstores and other other channels were laid off or shut down.

3G portal in the heyday of the 2004 launch of saipan. It put an end to China Mobile as the representative of the mobile Internet mode, creating the independent free WAP reading experience. Since then, 3G portal clear platform + portal strategic direction, the portal has launched a variety of products, such as GGLIVE, GGBOOK, GGMUSIC. In the Android era, jiubang digital (3G portal parent company) launched a mobile reading product 3G bookstore (now renamed the jiubang Literature) and Android GO desktop desktop beautification. Prior to a data show that the number of active users in the area of the 3G portal in Guangdong was once more than Sina, Sohu and other direct rivals, so that the latter is deeply troubled transition.

but since 2011, 3G portal revenue is declining. According to the digital jiubang Q1 report showed that the total revenue of $15 million 600 thousand in the 3G portal only $1 million 700 thousand in revenue, accounting for about 11%. From last year to start Q4, GO desktop led mobile application products and services has emerged as a force, more than 50% of total revenue ratio.

problems, dominate, once threatened to reform the traditional portal 3G portal, is how to step down


lose morale in front of the traditional portal

can say, do not rely on the collection of traffic and download fees to build the WAP model, the rapid rise of 3G portal, mobile phone users to become the first choice for information media. But after three years, Sina, Tencent and other door households have to imitate this model, launched its own mobile terminal products. In the editorial team, the contents of the layout, 3G portal is clearly not their opponent. The main screen for different WAP technology also with the browser to optimize the page, and lose the advantage.

, after all, the size of the user is not to give up on giving up. 3G portal to expand the number of channels, once reached more than and 70. In the layoffs, it also retains the bookstore, entertainment and other dozens of channels. According to my surface observation (see background clicks, comments, etc.), users of these channels are still very active. For example, in the industry to do fast mobile phone channel, the number of comments (NATURAL needless to say, interested friends can go to WeChat search), reading the amount of each row in almost major technology media first. And this channel is also the focus of the 3G channel has been.


news client without innovation, was eventually eliminated

from PC to WAP and then to now popular APP, WeChat public number, the user’s reading habits in the progress of technology is constantly changing. We must follow closely to adapt to this trend, can not stand down.

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