SAC nternet advertising must be marked advertising can not be used to promote

September 1st, the "Interim Measures for Internet advertising management" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures") will be implemented, according to the seventh article quotes "advertisement", whether that means must be marked "advertisement" two words? The State Administration for Industry and Commerce clear reply to the "Legal Daily": "advertisement" can only write two words, the other can not.


in July 8th, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the interim measures, the official definition of paid search and other 5 types of commercial advertising, for many years of controversy, paid search is not advertising officially painted a full stop.

the "Interim Measures" of the biggest bright spot is the extension of long vague concept of Internet advertising is described: "the provisions of the Internet advertising, is refers to through the website, web page, Internet applications such as Internet media, text, picture, audio, video or other forms, directly or indirectly selling goods or services of commercial advertising."

the "Interim Measures" also explicitly enumerates 5 kinds of commercial advertising, namely: to sell goods or services for the purpose of containing the link text, pictures or video and other forms of advertising, email advertising, search advertising, commercial display advertising and other advertising media through the internet.

it is worth noting that the "Interim Measures" provisions of article seventh, Internet advertisement shall be distinguishable, marked "advertisement", to enable consumers to identify it is an advertisement. Paid search advertising should be significantly different from the natural search results.

the "Interim Measures" also clear in the penalties: for violation of the provisions of the provisions of article seventh, does not have the identity, in accordance with the provisions of the third paragraph of article fifty-ninth of the advertising law shall be punished, namely: the industry and commerce departments of advertising fined one hundred thousand yuan.

however, the new law will soon be implemented, the provisions currently in the industry there are still doubts, and caused legal discussion: marked "advertisement", is must be marked "advertisement" two words, or can also be "commercial promotion" or "AD" (AD English abbreviation)? If a network advertisement, next to marked "AD", is also not standardized tagging to bear responsibility? Thus, overseas websites even full page is English content to Chinese advertising content in the next marked "advertisement" in two words?

according to industry sources, the original intention of advertising law is to make advertising identifiable logo, but I do not know why the amendment added double quotes, so with these ambiguities.

on this issue, "Legal Daily" reporters today specially sent a letter to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for questioning, and received a clear reply: "advertisement" can only write two words, the other can not.

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