CNNC without the consent of the master blocked thousands of CN domain name

07 years, I applied for a CN domain name, web site traffic started my exchange station, and the name "clove (Chengren) community, domain name began to do a few people and even I, Baidu included my station, gradually photo station, most of them take the initiative to find the movie station I connected my station from thousands to tens of thousands of IP over IP, at this time because of the national policy of pornography, my station was once Baidu pull hair or drop right, there are policies, under the measures, I immediately changed the name of the regular website text, content also put up many words. Instead of the normal text, second days Baidu and reincluding back, when at the end of the year and the beginning of 08, my traffic exchange station was close to 80 thousand IP, the space for a few, but at this time, the domestic most suspected hateful CNNIC All adult content domain blocked, including network, the new network, new mutual, N traffic exchange station CN meters all not avoided going, instant traffic exchange group in the boiling, most of them are about CNNIC this appalling behavior, traffic exchange station transfer platform for traffic, but is a how could the traffic conversion, pornographic pictures and videos? CNNIC strongly condemned this odious act, now I also for registration of foreign companies and foreign space, you can see my CNNIC geometry, on the Internet domain name registered with the, India started my career so far has traffic exchange, with many old friends the stand exchange connection. Also welcome to connect with me to find my connection.

CNNIC is popular in the world, I hope you all the way, don’t let everyone abandoned CN meters.

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