Aerial video of the legal representative and 6 employees were arrested on the nternet

recently, in the VOD service antenna video legal representative, vice president and company executives, employees 6 people, suspected of the crime of infringement of copyright infringement by the Chaoyang procuratorate arrest, broadcast film and television works video website was banned.

accused of illegal advertising revenue of tens of millions of dollars

According to the prosecution introduced

, vice president of the units involved in the company’s legal representative and chief operating officer of the company and the company in charge of the Ministry of content et al., without permission of related rights case, unauthorized operation of video on demand services, and directed the media company Tianjin branch in the editorial department is in knowing the infringement still, download videos from the Internet, or buy pirated CDs in the outside, and then uploaded to the site to play on, and in the vast majority of the television programs, embedded advertising and advertising background on head, in order to collect advertising revenue, the illegal income of tens of millions of yuan.

after the prosecution investigation, on the site there are a large number of unauthorized domestic and foreign film and television works, currently only by the American Film Institute Beijing representative office certified infringing works that there are more than 100, another domestic copyright works more than 50 movies, TV series of nearly two thousand sets.

prosecutors believe that the antenna of the 6 executives and employees of the video site, a serious violation of the rights of copyright owners, alleged copyright infringement.

maximum penalty of up to 7 years

according to prosecutors, China’s "criminal law" and relevant judicial interpretations, for commercial purposes, without the permission of the copyright owner, spread the words of others works, through the information network to the public music, movies, television and video works, computer software and other works, a large amount of illegal income or other serious circumstances the criminal responsibility should be investigated. In the case of "profit seeking", including the direct or indirect collection of fees in the form of advertising. This case is a typical unit crime, criminal law can impose fines on the unit.

it is understood, according to the regulations, suspected of the crime of copyright infringement, involved the highest for 7 years and fined.


TV channel cannot open

yesterday, the antenna video website (, the website related news reports published on the page is still normal, but is only text, navigation and Television Channel HD content link cannot be opened. The upper right corner of the home page, said the announcement, due to server failure, the site can not access the video, the service will be restored as soon as possible.

it is understood that in September of this year, the antenna video has been closed for a week, after the resumption of access. Antenna video site has not been a positive response on the matter.

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