Google A creation of suspense micro novel futurism stream of consciousness literature style

Google recently to artificial intelligence to see more than ten thousand novels, including many of Marysu’s romantic love story, but AI does not become newhalf, but write with a sense of suspense style super micro novel. Google recently published an article, saying that the company used a new neural network model to train AI, so that it read and analyzed twelve thousand e-books, mostly novels. This training is to make artificial intelligence can be more natural connection between a sentence and another sentence in the logic gap.

this novel training method is very effective, has shown better results than before. However, researchers still don’t feel that enough naturalness — sometimes, AI wrote the story often "style mutation", obviously can see the dramatic style of the novel is: imitation Google to read it inspired and influenced the textbook.

below are some examples of AI novels. AI is responsible for writing the middle part of the sentence, which is the beginning and the end of the AI. Except for some spelling mistakes, the rest is written by the machine.

this is the only way.

this is the only way.

it’s her turn to blink.

hard to say.

it’s time to move on.

he had to do it again.

they looked at each other.

they all turned and looked behind.

they all turned and looked at him.

they all turned and strode away.

there’s no one else around the world.

can’t see anyone else in sight.

they’re the only important people.

they’re the only ones left.

he has to be with me.

she has to be with him.

I have to start.

I want to kill him.

I started to cry.

I turned around and looked at him.

he said, I don’t like.

I’m waiting for something to happen.

that was almost thirty years ago.

it wasn’t just thirty years ago.

he’s dead, two years ago.

in ten or thirty years ago.

"it’s good here."

"everything’s fine here. "

"it’s good here."

it’s good here.

we’re all fine here.


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