For 540 million yuan purchase xp com domain name is behind the bright blind

renamed China ( March 18th news, A shares of the listed company Kodak shares announcement today, announced to spend 540 million yuan to buy a whole Guangdong for Computer Technology Co. ltd.. But for, held in the hands of a large number of products is a major highlight of domain name.

heavily purchased 3 digital domain name provoke controversy

ylmf system leading application software products and the Internet service provider, founded in 2005, its products for the Internet users are quite familiar with, including ylmf operating system (Ylmf OS), 114 site navigation, 115 SkyDrive, 3456 site navigation, 111G operating system, network game information portal ylmf.

but their success cannot do without the acquisition of a number of previously for fine domain efforts. At the end of 2008, ylmf to completely change the controversial new WinXP image acquisition of 3 digital domain from overseas large, once the domain name system to jump to 114 home, currently 115 cloud official domain name.

The domain name in

and had also been involved in a case of trademark infringement, the case originated in holding "115" trademark of Handan City Safety Engineering Co. Ltd., filed a lawsuit, claiming that the domain name, 115 SkyDrive and other Internet products and services infringement. After investigation after the trial, for its project Guangdong 115 Network Limited win.

value of not less than 8 digit domain name


August 2009, ylmf head Lai Linfeng spent $100 thousand, about 680 thousand yuan to buy the domain name, page operating system and in the same domain to enable the end of ylmf brand, because of its operating system and Microsoft Windows is very similar to XP, referred to a "copycat". After the domain name is enabled for the company’s Windows 7 official website domain name. With the delisting of the XP system in 2014, the domain name is facing the fate of being sold, the page does not accept less than 8 digits of the quote, the value of the domain name can be seen.

domain name registered in December 1995, has been registered for nearly 20 years of history. The domain name in addition to the XP system and its implications, "new, photo, chip, Xiapu, Robson, fresh" meaning. Regardless of the value of goods and their own point of view, are highly collectible and investment value.

XP has been used as the Microsoft operating system is synonymous, and is one of the main predecessor for pirated WinXP studio, the studio disbanded at the end of 2008, a comprehensive business to search engine and web site navigation field.

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