To participate in the 2008 Shanghai grassroots webmaster summary


No. 10 party call me location change in the university auditorium, otherwise it will miss the big party, the conference participants I estimate is unprecedented, the whole hall was full of basic Jiaotong university. Explain two questions, one is the sponsor of good, a lot of guests came from overseas; two is now the site has been civilians, had a personal thousands on thousands of webmaster, even Taobao shop.

this party will inevitably occur in the commercial atmosphere, the door has been around a lot of advertising, Ali mother nature is little not, I really admire their marketing, making such fame in such a short period of time, viral marketing in my mailbox every day there will be a mother spam, mom should review, do their own image, in addition to my mailbox should also strengthen the function of anti spam.

the meeting a lot of harvest, saw several heavyweight class figures, the biggest star is Mr Wang Zhidong. A big names are the following picking up several do simple review, said please clap, do not speak well and don’t mind, right when the joke.


is of great ingenuity is Mr. Wang Zhidong, Sina has done so for many years, a hand with sina, no real effort or not, whether it is suggested that the development direction of the grassroots, operation management and website is about to speak sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, direction, not only in the long grass also, in the book, simply do not give you many hills accounted for, if you can rely on to do some articles in the big goods website software might be able to have a new breakthrough. Details about the Internet Co’s management principles 7/50 principles. A figure of speech, this is the biggest harvest of Mr. Wang Zhidong, filled with wisdom such as deep feelings, benefit. Do not just look at the eyes of the advertising, only rely on advertising website is not long.

is one of the most important person in the party, the guests are not known, but as the organizers of this conference contributed a lot, estimate the terrible busy these days, you too much (notice to each stationmaster to enroll in change, I received from him the old people’s phone). Hoarse, obviously feeling too nervous, a few words will take a long time. This is our grassroots nature, to become a star, more temper temper.

is the most generous person is graph king, this is our evaluation of graph king, gave me the feeling is very real, the name of the origin of graph king, the development of the station network, and the monthly transactions have an honest account, look for him to name card is also very kind, also a seat beside him mm, do not know her lp.

is the best and the most vibrant sea technology is urahama, although don’t know much about him, but you can see that this person will be the atmosphere, ggjj have the opportunity to join him. I guess the 300 cards he brought were all bright.

most courageous is a brave

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