Zhou Hongyi again open spray Baidu wolf or rogue

[Abstract] Baidu software using IE browser vulnerabilities, like a virus quietly installed on the user’s computer."


technology news (Le Tian) December 29th news, 360 year silence chairman Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog) has no longer low-key, not only shares cool mobile phone, joint venture and light media website, yesterday "spray" Baidu and Baidu CEO Robin Li.


Zhou Hongyi once again "spray" Robin Li (Tencent technology plan)


Zhou Hongyi said, "the Wuzhen Internet Conference, MA (Ma Huateng Tencent (micro-blog), millet Lei (Lei Jun) general (micro-blog)), Baidu (Robin Li Lee) and I was assigned to a table, see Lee a rare, I prepared a pile of notarial information and user feedback, want to ask lee."

Zhou Hongyi said that the Baidu software bundled with malicious, it is difficult to uninstall, delete and so on according to the Internet society to clean the rogue software definition, what is the wolf or rogue? The provisional decision about Robin Li. This week, Baidu announced its own material.

Zhou Hongyi’s provocative "strong": "Baidu software using IE browser vulnerabilities, like a virus quietly installed on the user’s computer, so the marvelous invention, how Lee always wants to drop out? Think about it is drunk."


, micro-blog also launched Baidu guard official response, said foreign media reported that the more than and 60 left a back door god cool series mobile phone, the installation of various rogue APP to the user in silence, a serious violation of user privacy.


Baidu guard official said, "as your father rogue software, to really be not of the common sort. However, your investment and malt was found as long as I like things haven’t finished, the times are different, take life as a rogue really good."

previously, Baidu launched a search engine with around 360 360, start a battle for the search engine market cyber source of war, and continued to lead the Baidu lawsuit, and 360 in the once quiet slobber war, Zhou Hongyi has recently renewed "war".

also note that Zhou Hongyi and Shenzhen recently frequent interaction between mobile phone manufacturers, 360 had a $400 million stake in micro-blog mobile phone cool, but Zhou Hongyi suggests the use of a mobile phone plus, behind this may not have a meaning.

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