Open Directory Project on Amazon

know a little bit of the webmaster, especially for PR and included quantity at key webmaster, I want to know the meaning of the title, the station, do all hope to be included, the worldwide public website directory was included on the website, the weights will be doubled two times, even……. Something is not to say, anyway, a lot of good, oh, no let the small natural station to look at, but I want to open the Amazon directory as the goal, a little effort, I hope some day in the future to let her features.

yesterday to today. Careful study of the directory, not comment, talk about some of my views.

first, in the website submission page, she put forward, she is not a search engine, will not be included on all sites, but included some original strong, strong thematic, or web page layout beautiful website. So if you intend to submit the site, it is best to meet the three of the first, not only to meet, but must have their own strengths.

, Amazon directory editor is all obligations, so submitted, according to the normal process of words, there may be ten days, there may be a month, half a year or even three months included are possible. The most important point. If Amazon directory is not included in your site, she will not give you any notice.

third, the requirements of the site included

1) do not join the mirror site.

2) do not submit a website that includes only the same content or similar content as you have already submitted. Multiple submission of the same or similar website may cause these and other related sites to be deleted and / or not logged in.

3) do not attempt to disguise your submission or submit the same entry multiple times. Example: and

4) please do not submit a web site to another url. "Domain name jump"

5) open directory has a policy that is against the site containing illegal content. Examples of illegal materials include child pornography, defamation, infringement of any kind of intellectual property rights, specific advocates of abetting illegal acts (such as fraud and violence).

6) do not submit a site under construction.

7) to submit any pornographic content on the site please go to the appropriate sub category Adult.

8) submit non English Web sites to the appropriate sub categories in the World category.

9) do not submit sites containing a large number of related links.

submitted to the site to meet the requirements of each of the above nine, if there is a does not meet, then she is certainly not

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