Network marketing can also be a big stage

belongs to the era of big data network marketing has come to our side, almost all of the data on the marketing of all classes of authors make a fuss, is overwhelming Internet plus crazy scraper, Internet users no reason to become the biggest victims, because of massive information unable to agree on which is right, the situation is not necessarily the best, because of a flood and can’t find one thing is pretty sad sounds north. In this regard, the current situation of the development of small and medium combined with the Internet today, to sum up the following.

to the Internet marketing today already not that young and ignorant boy, gradually improve the system, he has grown to a deep and sharp eyes, the old uncle. After the integration level becomes more complex big data is his profound thought, it can be said that from now to the Internet platform in the enterprise or individual, or, if you do not have good data analysis ability, can not find the latest development trends from the background of various kinds of data in the enterprise, and the future development trend in a short period of time, so for the enterprise will lose the prerequisite for sustainable development potential in the industry, that is the enterprise in the future period almost to become someone else’s followers or accessories.

, of course, there are shortcuts on the road, this shortcut is the fact that hot spots. The most typical example is almost always followed in hot run Komori, the firm did not miss any hot brand, grow from within an industry for the familiar brand a cipher today, is not entirely by the upgrading of products, most of the things to keep mind when hot. When used to learn marketing people know, Durex has a beautiful copy group, here hidden even dream in the sharp thinking on the hot dog. Of course, in the pursuit of hot in this regard, there is a worthy of praise is the BMW China’s hot building. These two brands are relying on the Internet to get the fans love and support, and eventually become the vanguard of the industry, enough to explain the hot marketing is a very good marketing.

but not all are suitable for business and chase hot speculation, such as the recent much larger Moumou library, after the hot brand immediately declare the event is not their intention to the marketing plan for this event, "a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure", in it seems clearly is not desirable. Although certain library because it is ultimately a fire, occupying a variety of popular headlines, but the subsequent result is to hold the expression of regret, for this is no limit means of marketing, also received netizens crazy Tucao, brand image has not increased, but due to the heavy losses. For such a good standard of hot spots, as the enterprise is best not to blindly use.

network marketing can be a big stage, everyone can rely on their own strength in the above interpretation of their own style, but if the technology is not mature enough to take out debut, at home or in practice for several years, or hit, lost face does not say, away their audience is worth when the.

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