Rice and vegetable roll Profitable electronic commerce enterprise website how to play

some time ago to pick up several small and medium-sized enterprise website production list, then in a Baidu search, see a lot of enterprise station, most of the corporate website is very rough, most use in the online down ASP source code, and then directly change the picture, there are a lot of HTML is a few simple connected static station, these most of the time the station is not attract users to buy products. So how to play the enterprise website e-commerce this weapon to achieve considerable profit, I summed up the following points:

1 emphasis on e-commerce

to create greater profit margins, must pay attention to the electronic commerce, now under the influence of the financial crisis, the majority of enterprises to network advertising promotion from traditional advertising media, not only increases the income, more to improve business visibility and brand promotion, a huge base of domestic users decide once the website promotion open, the effect is very good.

2 first site

website source code suitable for corporate Web sites, such as order system, membership system, etc.. The template requires the production of some of the atmosphere, after all is the enterprise, not to let others look at the latest content appearing nervous in public, timely update and enterprise activities, focus on products, especially the product pictures, some websites take pictures of products, and do not want to buy watch.

3 promotion suitable for you

if your product keywords are not so popular, it is recommended not to do, do some SEO optimization will get a good ranking, because even if there are not many people to do, after all, less people search. So, how can we promote it? I think it is to the target user group to promote, to related products or related industry forum or website advertising, it will get a better effect, after all, is for the target user.

4 increased business

joined the business of third party platform in the enterprise panel, and timely communication with the users in browsing, how the user becomes your customer is the ability of the consultant.

5 do a good job consulting, marketing to achieve word of mouth

many companies sell things on the matter, customer service service is not good, for the small and medium-sized enterprises should be more concerned about customer service consulting, let users of you getting better and better, so as to send each other to achieve the best effect of word-of-mouth marketing.

6 mall system

website with the mall system, not only can better display of goods, and the use of third party platform such as Alipay allows customers to directly purchase payment, eliminating the remittances and reputation is not convenient to solve the problem.

7 handle each product drawing

online shopping in addition to product parameters, finally decided to buy one of the main factors is the picture, a good figure will let customers good for the products left >

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