The advantages of social media marketing


The rise of

social media is a trend of the Internet in recent years. Whether it is a foreign Facebook and Twitter, or the domestic Renren or micro-blog, have greatly changed people’s lives, we will be brought into the era of a social network.


social network belongs to the network media, and the marketing people in the age of social networking is rapidly approaching, also can not escape the profound change in the face of social media marketing to bring.

so what are the advantages of social media marketing compared with traditional marketing methods

is the first to say that social media marketing has most of the advantages of the traditional network media marketing, such as multimedia features, the dissemination of the contents of the communication by time and space, the dissemination of information can bring the long tail effect precipitation etc.. About network marketing advantages compared with the traditional media of many articles, I do not repeat them here, I want to focus on social media marketing and network marketing advantages compared with ordinary media.

first, social media can accurately target customers.

social network master a large number of users of information, put aside the contents of the user’s privacy violations do not speak, just the user’s open data, there are a lot of valuable information. Not only is the age, work and some other things, through the analysis of the user to publish and share content, can effectively determine the user’s preferences, consumption habits and purchasing power and other information. In addition, with the development of mobile Internet, the proportion of social users using mobile terminals is getting higher and higher, the characteristics of the mobile Internet based geography will also bring great changes to marketing. This way through the precise orientation of the target user and geographic orientation, we can get a better advertising results in the social network than traditional media.

second, the interactive nature of social media can narrow the distance between enterprises and users.

interactivity has been an obvious advantage over the traditional media, but until the rise of social media, we truly experience the great magic of interaction. In the traditional media advertising simply can not see the user’s feedback, and the official or online feedback on the network is one-way or not real-time, interactive poor continuity. Often we released the advertising or news, and then see the user’s comments and feedback, and continue to deepen the interaction is very difficult, the company continues to communicate with the user channel is not smooth. The social network that we have the official micro-blog, a company official page, on these platforms, enterprises and customers are users, convenient communication and characteristics of equality and social network of inborn makes the enterprise and customer interaction, can better integrate, formed a good corporate brand image. In addition, micro-blog and other social media is a natural customer relationship management system, through the search for users

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