QQ mall push to buy the first line of goods on the line a few hours scheduled 9


Tencent QQ mall launched buy service

news July 7th, Tencent.com QQ mall quietly launched the group purchase service, call the TechWeb Tencent.com relevant person in charge, said, QQ mall is not the same with the current group purchase website, only in the original service in advance, and previous similar service launched, such as "QQ mall seconds kill".

QQ mall today "group purchase" column shows the time for 9:00-22:00 group purchase group purchase today, products for the 3 litre Galanz intelligent electric cooker, the market price of 399 yuan, group purchase price of 226 yuan, the lowest 20 group purchase, as of press time, scheduled 9. The page also shows that "QQ mall special group purchase up to now a total of 0 Average single group purchase organization, to help users to save 0 yuan".

it is worth noting that, in the QQ mall today buy on the right, there is a message with QQ notify me tomorrow buy merchandise options.

, according to buy attention, introduced, in order to quickly convene the crowd to buy, users can click on the activities of the page to invite friends directly to QQ group or QQ friends.

, according to friends broke the news, Sina has received by the private letter sent to the Sina channel group purchase channel is on-line information, and invited fans to help micro-blog interview group purchase information. Sina public relations department in charge of the connection with the TechWeb is not a positive denial of the matter, saying the matter will have a statement later.

Prior to the

, Sohu launched the first online portal network – love family, marking the portal began to be involved in the "hundred regiments". The focus of the network Sohu deputy general manager Ceng Fuhu TechWeb said, "the final group purchase website would like early blog site, become a subordinate department portal or the channel, because the portal has advantage in this respect."

, according to incomplete statistics, the current number of China group purchase website has reached nearly 400, including beauty group, F group, handle network, Groupon, Wowo network, 24 coupons, full network, cool group network etc.. China buy site in various cities as the core, providing localized consumer services, including catering, entertainment, fitness, beauty, clothing, training, etc..

              transmission Sina 12 on-line purchase platform will be promoted by micro-blog

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