Evaluation method of promotion effect in essential network promotion program cloud analysis of claw

network promotion program is how to write? Many just contact network promotion friends may have a headache, I do not know where to start, analysis of whether background? Want to do want to do comparative competition? Forecast effect? To promote evaluation considering how to do? Don’t worry, cloud claw Xiaobian doubts, a a comprehensive network promotion plan


1, analysis of the industry background, analysis of the company’s current status of the promotion, analysis of the promotion of competitors, do a good job comparison. You can use cloud analysis function analysis keywords claw competition, competition to mining data, as long as the import product key words and words, competition words, set the start you can wait for the results, according to the report, screenshots, contrast, beautiful point, list the promotion competitive gap

2, according to the promotion gap, promotion goals, promotion budget, as well as the company’s actual situation, develop promotion plan. If the funds are limited, you can fully mobilize the company’s internal workload is not saturated staff, according to the results of the analysis of the weight of the cloud claw platform analysis, in the high weight of the forum, blog released soft. Cloud claws can also assess their performance. News marketing, Q & a marketing these do not do, with the promotion of the implementation of the implementation of the release of the claws, to do a lot cheaper than the sale price of the news on the outside market

3, clearly listed, not to determine the effect of the number of releases, to list some of the KPI standards, and assessment methods. The real effective network promotion, should use the keyword ranking assessment, and should not only be released! The manual inquiry takes a long time, automatic check function analysis with the cloud claws, can automatically search all links to promote the survival, included, rankings! These aspects are listed, is a relatively landing promotion plan this landing, strong project you will see leadership,

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