30 minutes Google site was included in the documentary

said there is a thing to, but there is also a necessity, in the time of payment card network gateway, encountered a little problem, the results call the Tencent had a nice service, was angry to death, put things after posted to DoNews (  Tencent; customer service nice — http://s.free.donews.com/viewthread.php? Tid=144199), the Title was not very strong, very sour, it nice, let everyone to experience the taste of them, in fact, purely for fun. I see it again, I feel very funny, although it is true, but the fact is a bit too fact, it does not feel the truth.

finished, went to the other busy, this time is about 16:17 in March 4, 2008.

returned home, after dinner, about 19:00, and the Internet to see what the news said DoNews, open the home page, so a day, ah, "Tencent service nice" has been set to the home page, start to admire their editors have eyes!

this time, I have a hunch, immediately into the Google search for "dianka123", indeed, has been included, and the first, included time is two hours before, that is to say: half an hour after the time has been collected. Re search, "card network" has the top five keywords!

followed, went to check the access records, and indeed saw the shadow of the robot (which is a few hours to climb):

6 robot BaiDuSpider Inktomi MSIECrawler SurveyBot Unknown robot (identified by hit on’robots.txt’)

Googlebot Slurp

conclusion: the chain is very important, even if one, as long as the site weight enough, can bring unexpected effect, but must be original oh!

Oh, my experience with you together, stationmaster net published exclusively (now DoNews home page can also see Tencent customer service nice ", in which plate, I find myself…).

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