The hot Durex hundred live let us remember the five lesson

live 6 entrance, 50 couples, 180 minute live, B station to watch the number of nearly a million, Youku points like the number of over one million, even the harvest donut are nearly 10000! Plus once micro-blog, WeChat, this will be a strong marketing history in 2016.


however, in Durex’s marketing history, there is no way to say this is a successful case. A variety of online echo we have seen, it is no longer repeated.


as a marketing by the famous brand in the limelight, Durex was once the advertising and marketing people up to the hot, every time must look at Durex how to play, even if an ordinary creativity often in the inventory is regarded as "god".

but in fact, from the beginning of 2015, Durex promotion team not only focus on the occasion, but continues to try to break.

so this time, why do we and Durex friendship boat will say turn over? Nene today is not to Tucao, is a cool summary, we avoid later in the same piece of sea boat.

a, do not give users too high expectations

Although Durex launched the

in 45 minutes before a statement, "said the film does not contain a large number of content you can imagine……" Barbara, but it is clear that the statement has no practical preventive effect, because the audience’s appetite has been picked up.



in the collection of "AiR air set test set" in the process, Durex will seize the "hundred test sets, live this stunt the whole network, coupled with the" 100 lovers, do 1 things, "sounds full of infinite imagination elusive wood? Follow Durex play must be very tide the avant-garde




However, like

, you took a very awesome title, but the content is a piece of ×. Word of mouth from the creation of surprises, if you can do 90 points, it is best to let the user only expect to 85 points, the remaining 5 points is the surprise of the user reputation, to see how many points you can get in marketing activities?

two, do not repeat play the same fresh thing

last year, Durex has played for three times three hours live, are "good things", "such good things worth buying", "good things" sun, known as "longer than the Durex movie suction eye advertisement", over 6000000 people watched on B station.

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