Dai Zhikang commitment Webmaster do not force QQ login is not strong charges

23 in the afternoon, Dai Zhikang in a community study on the operation of the QQ group to Discuz! Core user commitment, after the completion of the acquisition will not be forced to open up the QQ and community account; also said he was not appointed Vice President of Tencent Inc, the current position is Comsenz CEO.

On the afternoon of 23

16:47, Comsenz in official website published an announcement, officially become a wholly owned subsidiary of Tencent. After the second half of the announcement (17:15), that is, Dai Zhikang in the QQ group to accept many of the group’s visit". It is understood that the group members are Comsenz core users, Dai Zhikang on the importance of remarkable.

Q & a group with the most concerned about the QQ account and the community account to open up the issue, according to Kang Sheng announcement said, began to carry out the feasibility study of QQ account and community account interoperability".

in this regard, Dai Zhikang to three points: "1 friends of commitment is not mandatory; 2 is absolutely does not affect any use; 3 Tencent account is a huge system, which involves many safety factors, so the early would be very cautious, step by step open".

Dai Zhikang also said that the future of the energy will be used to improve the health of Discuz 95%, only 5% of the energy will be used with QQ, micro-blog, space, soso, e-commerce, QQ group, etc.. In short, Tencent will give you the way to bring users and traffic, and the owners to establish a cooperative relationship".

Q & a group friends asked whether to Tencent as vice president, Dai Zhikang denied, said "not what I like before Kang Sheng Sheng ceo". (end)

attached: Dai Zhikang question and answer:

Dai Zhikang Cross:17:15:09

Hello everyone

we are the core users to communicate with you about

is not a vice president, I’m Kang Sheng CEO


point to

.A: I haven’t

to authority website owners a important member of what should be but not yet Oh

Q: there are a lot of webmasters on the QQ direct landing community more sensitive ah

answer: this

1 is not mandatory

2 does not open absolutely does not affect any use of

3 Tencent account is a very large system, which involves a number of security factors, so the initial will be very cautious, step by step open

Tencent can not do all the things do not come all Tencent number many employees have 10K do business more simply do not come the owners and Tencent in the industrial chain of different geographical position causes the division of Tencent will not enter the inevitable coexistence of webmaster > collar

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